WUNDRIG - A case for curiosity post-covid

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I have recently learnt the word wundrig. It’s a Swiss-Germanic colloquialism that basically translates as ‘ being curious in a positive sense.’ 

As we all gradually emerge from our coved-induced hibernation I can’t help but feel this might be the new word of the moment; something we would all do well to embrace. 

So what is there to be curious about right now? 

What about investigating how your life might look moving forward? What if you started to explore the possibilities of integrating the best bits of lockdown life with the best bits of life pre-covid?  Hmmm....I just wonder....

Chances are you have had to use your inquisitive mind to find creative solutions for overcoming struggles in lockdown: working from home, keeping the family entertained or cooking with reduced supplies. This same curiosity can be harnessed to contemplate the novel ways you can reengineer your life going forward rather than mindlessly resubscribing to your old normal. 

Use curiosity in a positive way to ask yourself "What if?"

Get curious about how you can incorporate some of the lessons from covid into your ongoing routine?

You’ve enjoyed not having the daily commute and have proved you can effectively work from home, so...WUNDRIG... would your boss be open to you working some of your hours from home in future?

You’ve connected with friends and family via virtual platforms when you were unable to connect in person, so...WUNDRIG... can you keep this going into the future? Might you instigate regular group chats with family located in other states or overseas? Can you have a virtual wine with friends on a mid-winter’s night when you’re torn between the comfort of staying home in your slippers and socialising? Can you still connect with your Nan online to share a cup of tea even when you’ve got a head cold and don’t want to risk passing it on? 

The positive environmental and financial impacts of driving less, travelling less and cooking at home. The strengthening of connections with neighbours. The new levels of gratitude for doctors, nurses and teachers. The newfound respect for essential workers. Get curious about how these positives might endure as other aspects of your life return to normal. 

Having more time to slow down. More time to read, sleep, relax or exercise. Get curious about how you can hold onto these things and make them part of your ongoing daily rhythm. 

Shopping local, eating local, supporting small businesses. Get curious about how you can keep this support going long-term to put your money back into your local economy. 

Discovering ways to entertain the family without cinemas, playgrounds, activity centres or sporting events. Can you make some of the fun new pastimes: board-game night, dance challenges, cooking together and camping in the backyard a regular part of your routine?

You have lived through an unprecedented time and now you have the unique opportunity to consider how you re-enter the world and curate a life you actually want. Embrace the concept of wundrig and get curious about the opportunity to combine some of the novel things we’ve recently discovered with what we’ve always done.

It might just make for a richer and more fulfilling future.

Why don’t you take the time now to be curious about how you can redesign your life post covid?

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