What if your days really were numbered?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase: "Your days are numbered."

It is often thrown about to indicate that someone is about to experience a downfall, that their success or even life will not continue much longer.

I heard someone use this phrase recently and it got me to thinking how we might live our life differently, even more intentionally if our days were in fact, numbered? Not numbered in knowing how many we have until ruin or the end is upon us, but numbered in knowing which consecutive day of our life this one actually is.

It seems to me that 2020 has swept past in a blur. Wasn't it just January and we were reeling from the devastating bushfires in Australia? How can we only one month away from the start of the next bushfire season? It feels like the days drift into weeks and months with not much delineation between them. Goals are set and possibly even achieved, milestones are anticipated and then passed and we just continue to roll, or in some cases lurch, from day to day, crisis to crisis almost in an unconscious state of being. Most of us take for granted that when we put our head on the pillow tonight we will wake up in the morning. It is this blind assumption that allows us to believe that today doesn't really matter that much because there is always tomorrow.

"Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools." Og Mandino

So just imagine then, that when you woke up this morning you knew exactly which number day of your life this was. For me, as I sit here and write this I am living day #14,661 of my life. I can just picture the little flip clock ticking over on my bedside table each morning to the new number. Welcoming you to your new consecutively-numbered day.

My question then, if we knew exactly which number day of our life this was, would it give us the clarity or the determination to live each day with more intention? Knowing that this very day, other than being just another Thursday of just another week in 2020 was the single only 14,661st day of my life, would I focus on making every moment of that day count? Would I zoom in to notice the small things, which are really the big things, and let the trivial and unimportant stuff drop away? How differently might I approach my days activities and prioritise my time if I could identify each day as distinct in its own right? Because it is the seeming inevitability of there always being another tomorrow and another chance to 'get it right' or 'make it count' that makes today seem so unremarkable and almost disposable.

The truth is, we are not guaranteed tomorrow and each of our days on this earth is unmistakably unique.

It is us who decide not to recognize the uniqueness of our everyday, be it the 7,018th day or the 11,263rd day of our lives, and in doing that fail to make every single day count. Why don't you try googling "how many day's since <<insert your birthdate>>' and start to recognise the gift that this distinct day is and the next time someone tells you your days are numbered, thank them for reminding you.

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