The Simple Christmas Project

Are you one of those people that inwardly groans when you see the Christmas decorations starting to go up in the stores? Does the sound of sleigh-bells ringing create in you a feeling of impending doom?

Most of us are all too familiar with the heavy burden of emotional labour that comes with the festive season. We know that the task of creating the 'Perfect Christmas' is an exhausting month-long dance consisting of deciding what to buy and what to cook, managing the overstuffed timetable, cleaning, hosting, shopping, baking, wrapping, visiting, decorating all on little to no sleep, with the occasional hangover, too much rich food, no exercise and not a moment of spare time to ourselves. All the while, we're secretly counting down til the 26th of December, when we can finally relax and forget about the festive stress for another 11 months.

What if I told you it didn't have to be that way? There is a path to simplifying Christmas and actually feeling joyful throughout December. Forget the Twelve Days of Christmas- I've written twelve easy ways you can simplify your festive season in a easy to read guide. These are practices I follow every single year to quit the chaos, slow down and savour the special moments. Download by entering your name and email below and The Simple Christmas Project will be delivered straight to you inbox.

After the year that has been, you deserve health, happiness and joyful simplicity this festive season. Merry Christmas. TT. xx

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