Simple tips you can incorporate today to boost your physical wellness

Modern life is busy. Not only do our days include trying to obtain that elusive balance between work and family, but for many of us housekeeping, preparing meals, being the family taxi and staying connected with others are on the list also. All of these duties might contribute in part to a whole and healthy life, but they are not all that we need.

We also need to prioritize our physical wellness. When we are physically unwell, all of the other tasks become even harder to sustain. Making the time for health and wellness isn’t always easy, but the tips below can help you fit more of this critical component of a healthy life into your day:

Tip 1: Eat a healthy breakfast.

Having a great breakfast can start your day off on the right foot, setting you up for the day ahead. A healthy breakfast, which might be anything from a spinach omelet to a fruit smoothie, will give your body the energy it needs for all of your activities, including exercise. If you are short on time in the mornings, get a head start by preparing your healthy breakfast the night before or make a bulk batch on the weekend for an easy morning grab-and-go option.

Tip 2: Tinker with tech.

Technology has integrated with every aspect of our lives, and our wellness routines should be no different. We can use our devices to remind us, motivate us and keep track of our progress. A budget-friendly set of headphones or earbuds that connect to your phone let you listen to tunes anywhere, from the gym to the hiking trail, keeping you engaged and motivated to work-out for longer. You can schedule apps to remind you to drink water or to take a break from sitting on your desk and get up to stretch your limbs. You can also use your phone or smartwatch to connect to apps like Fitness Buddy and MyFitnessPal (find a lit of the best fitness & exercise apps here) that might help you set and work towards achieving your health goals.

Tip 3: Make good choices.

We are often presented with an array of choices, be it at the grocery store, our workplaces or at home. Lots of the little, seemingly insignificant things you choose each and every day can add up to some big changes for your health and wellness over time. Choose to take the stairs instead of the lift, choose to drink water instead of the high sugar soda, choose to go to bed a little earlier rather than watching another episode of your favourite program. If you can pause for just a micro-second before making a choice and opt for the healthier if not healthiest option each time, your health has the potential to improve dramatically.

Tip 4: Take a walk.

According to Prevention, walking is one of the best things you can do to maintain your weight, keep your muscles and bones strong, enhance your cardiovascular and digestive health, and, possibly, live a longer life. Not to mention the mental health benefits: walking can help boost your mood and boost those endorphins. Walking doesn’t have to be an additional burden on your schedule. Simply taking a few strolls through the neighbourhood each week, walking the kids to school occasionally or just parking further away from the office can go a long way toward helping you meet your wellness goals without overburdening a hectic schedule.

Tip 5: Join a class.

I know what you’re thinking: You don’t have time to join a fitness class. But if you pick the right class, you might meet more than just your physical wellness needs. Take the class with a friend so you simultaneously fill your socialisation needs. You might meet a new group of people that eventually become part of your tribe – connecting with like-minded individuals helps us to feel part of our community.

Group training has the potential to help meet both your fitness and socialisation needs.

The other benefits of a regular, structured class might include increased motivation, accountability and predictability (read more about the benefits of group fitness here). Further, your instructors can ensure that you are using the right form, which can improve your performance and quality of output, while lessening your chances of an injury. If you’re really squeezed by the clock, either find a short, sharp class that you can go to early morning before the kids are awake, complete in your lunch-break or pop into on your way home from work each day.

We don’t always make the time to prioritize our wellness routines. But we have to change our focus if we want to get closer to that long, healthy, well-balanced life we’re striving for. The 5 tips above can help you squeeze a little bit of extra wellness into your day without sacrificing more precious minutes than you have to. Remember, good health is often a matter of the small simple choices we make every day, not only the amount of time we spend sweating it out in the gym.

Guest post by Jason Lewis: Strongwell

Find out more about Jason's work here.

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