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Updated: Jul 31

"Life is wild. It has ups and downs. Good times and bad. Things go right. Things go wrong. And sometimes, it’s just downright crazy af. But wild or not, this is your life—the only one you get at this time and place in history. So it’s time to embrace the wildness, to cultivate the clarity to see this crazy life as a habitat for growth!"

Rebecca Warfield

Recently I chatted to Rebecca Warfield about how decluttering yourself mentally and physically can help you not just to embrace your wild crazy life but actually grow. How? Well here's my rationale:

When you declutter you create white space- like spare time, mental bandwidth, room to just be, air in your home and space where there used to be clutter. When there is white space you have room for new opportunities and with that comes growth. Those opportunities could be a new physical item or a new adventure, a change of job, a new or deeper relationship or friendship, a new or different spiritual or wellness practice etc. When you have less physical and mental stuff overwhelming your space and your mind there is an openness for any of these things and many more to come into your life. You can be wild, live instinctually and with ease because the weight of physical and mental clutter has been lifted.

When you are cluttered mentally with duties and obligations you feel stifled and have no room to grow and no space to let anything new and possibly wondrous enter. When your home is chock-full of stuff, there is no room, and quite frequently no money, to bring other items into the space and give them the time or attention they deserve. Or you are so busy caring and maintaining and working to pay off the things in your home that you can't just enjoy living.

Through decluttering and reorganising you create new limits and boundaries and (hopefully) stick to them. These boundaries are not about fencing ourselves in but about keeping the overwhelm out and leaving that space for any possibilities.

When your wardrobe is absolutely crammed with stuff, you’ll wear the same outfits over and over, because they are in reach and require little effort to locate and put together. When you declutter those items which don't serve you and you don't love, you will find yourself in a position to not only see everything in your wardrobe but also have the mental space to create an abundance of new outfit combinations. When you have less you frequently see more options. You can live more wildly because the clutter isn't weighing you down.

So too in life, when you have less you get to be more. You get to embrace your wild side and be the greatest version of yourself.

It is at this point that I get really excited because I can introduce you to Rebecca Warfield's new course called: Feeding the Wild Life. This course is assists your understanding of your self, uncovers what your body, mind and soul need to feed your wild life and the practices that serve you to not just survive but thrive in your life. Rebecca is a Yoga instructor (amongst many MANY other things) based in North Carolina and host of the super successful Dharma Drops Podcast.

You do not have to be a yoga student or teacher to get something out of this course because there is something in this for absolutely everyone. The online course runs for two weeks and serves you up a daily offering of tips and tricks teaching you to embrace that everyday crazy and use it as an opportunity for growth. This course will teach you to love your life in whatever state it is and give you access to some amazing content - including an exclusive podcast episode with me about decluttering to make space for new opportunities. 

The course costs just $US21 and the offerings are huge including the following: 

Daily emails containing

Mantras and intentions

Exclusive podcasts

Yoga classes for all levels

Guided meditations

Journal prompts + exercises

Self-care practices

Inspirational readings


Exclusive access to content via private course site

Enrolment in a private Facebook community for community, support, and fun

Ability to access content for life so you can return to the course any time life gets w.i.l.d.

20% off all Exclusive Dharma Drops retail

Discounts on future RWY + Dharma Drops course offerings and online workshops

The ability to participate from anytime and anywhere

The option to participate as much or as little as you want

If you want more information about the course you can watch this short YouTube video here

and if you are keen to read more or enrol then hit the image below to take you straight to the website. Now go and embrace your wild side!

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