"Home is where the heart is - even if you can't remember which box you packed it in."


When you put energy into planning for your move, things are much more likely to fall into place. 

Sometimes change is what we want and sometimes change is simply what we need, but whether or not you desire the change that comes with moving home- it's still crazy-stressful! In this section you will find tips to prepare for your move, advice on packing your things, approaches to unpacking to help take some of the stress out of it and a list of key questions to ask if you're downsizing. I'll teach you all of the important things you need to consider and share my checklists to keep you on track.   

Prepare for 

your move 

Before you pull out the packing boxes and tape, make a plan and get a copy of my checklist to simplify your move.

Tips for


There's more to packing than just throwing random items into a box! Read my best packing tips here.

Tips for unpacking

There's a few things to consider before embarking on the big unpack - find out what they are here. 

Looking to Downsize?

There's an abundance of decisions to make when you're downsizing. Check out this list of key questions to ask.

Movers Carrying Packages


for your move

There's a reason they say that moving home is one of the most stressful experiences in your life - there are so many changes happening simultaneously and it can feel like an emotional and logistical nightmare. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Scroll down to get a copy of the checklist I've used (in my many many moves) to make your moving experience as smooth as can be. Remember: Planning is the KEY to a stress-less move!

If you're a member of the military there are often some different considerations when moving - check out my guest blog post on the Military Wife Life website where I discuss the things to consider when preparing for a military move.  


My Moving Preparation 

"Confidence comes from being prepared." John Wooden

Check out the checklist I use every time we move to capture everything that must be considered BEFORE moving; things like budget, exclusions and timelines. The more time you put into planning your move, by scheduling time, allocating tasks to people and getting rid of all of the items you don't want at your new place, the easier it will be on moving day. I always create a master spreadsheet (and colour code it according to what's outstanding and what's been completed) which includes everything I can think of, from redirecting mail, or weeding the gardens to dropping off the keys to the property manager. I also affix dates as deadlines for absolutely every task to make sure we all stay on track. 

If you would like to download your own copy of my pre-packing checklist to tick as you plan, complete the form below.


Tips for Packing

Consider how you want to unpack: either by room, zone or item category. Pack accordingly to make the unpack easier.

Before you start: 

  • Get rid of anything in your home that doesn’t belong to you - return to owner

  • Remove all of the junk/ trash - get it out of the way

  • Declutter your unwanted things (sell or donate)

  • Define a designated space for putting boxes once packed which is out of the way.

What to pack first - can be months in advance

  • Anything you can live without (e.g. seasonal clothing, decorations, books)

  • Duplicates (eg kitchen items, linen, kids toys)

  • Decorative items


Pack with un-packing in mind​

  • Label boxes with destination room (not just contents) and even destination storage (ie 'Main bedroom- bedside table')

  • Avoid packing random items from different rooms in the same box - this will make unpacking much harder

  • Label electronic cords and tape to the appliance

  • Pack a basics box (eg Kitchen- kettle/ toaster/ mug / plate/ knife/ fork/ spoon)

  • If you want a fresh start with less stuff - ask yourself before it goes into the box if it has a place as part of the life you are creating 

  • Wrap plates and glassware standing up to prevent breakages

  • Wrap every second item to cut down on packing materials 

  • Save linen and cushions to bulk up the tops of boxes

  • Create a priority box. This is the last box to be packed (and will either be last on/ first off the moving truck or might go with you in the car) It might contain items like:

    • certificates or documents you need quick access to (eg rental agreement)

    • Remotes - garage doors, tvs etc

    • Wifi/ internet box

    • Allen keys and a screwdriver to put together furniture at new place

    • Roll of toilet paper/ hand towel

    • Pet food/ bowl

    • Anything else you might need in the first hour or two of being in the new property


Listen to this episode of the Be Uncluttered Podcast where Bec and I share even more packing tips:


Tips for Unpacking

When you pack with unpacking in mind, it makes the entire process SO much easier!

Important decisions to make before you open any boxes:

  • Placement of large furniture. It's much easier to move and rearrange when empty.

  • Do you need to clean anything first, like the inside of cupboards etc?

  • Where will things go in key areas

    • Kitchen cupboards

    • Linen

    • Make sure everyone is in agreement- put post-its on cupboards/ room doors to identify them to whoever is bringing furniture in or unpacking items

Decide what method of unpacking you all agree on:

2 main ways:

  1. Get everything out of all of the boxes, put on a flat surface, remove packaging and then start putting away into its home

  2. Unpack box by box straight into its home


Method 1 - All Out

Helpful if:

  • You want to get rid of packing materials and boxes quickly

  • You’ve got paid unpackers (They can unwrap items while you focus on finding homes and putting things away)

  • You want to check for breakages before the removals team leaves (makes claims easier)

  • You don’t get easily overwhelmed 

  • You’ve got time to devote entirely to unpacking

Method 2 - Box by Box

Helpful if

  • You could feel overwhelmed by having everything out (unpacked) all at once

  • You want to declutter as you unpack- gives you a chance to focus on one item at a time

  • You’re doing it on your own - you feel more in control

  • You dont' have the space, or have too many people moving around the space, to lay everything out on a flat surface at once

  • You want to go slow and steady or need to be able to function in the space (get ready for work/ school etc) during the unpacking phase


Regardless of method it’s important to: 

  • Get essentials unpacked first:

    • Bedding

    • Kitchen essentials

    • toothbrush/ pjs etc

  • Put important furniture together (eg beds) and plug in appliances (eg washer & fridge)

  • Move boxes as close to or inside the room they belong in before you start opening them

  • Get every member of the household involved - let people unpack their own spaces

  • Let go of the expectations that come with a new house that things will look and feel perfect here immediately

  • Take regular breaks


Listen to this episode of the Be Uncluttered Podcast where Bec and I share even more unpacking tips: 


Looking to downsize?

When you downsize you're often dramatically reducing the volume of belongings you  have. Here are some key questions to ask to help you decide what comes with you and what you let go:

  • What are the measurements of the new home and how much of my existing large furniture will realistically fit?

  • Do I even want to take my current furniture or do I want to start fresh with new, smaller pieces?

  • What are the proportions of the internal storage in the new home (eg kitchen/ bathroom cupboards and closet size) compared with my existing place and what volume of my small possessions will I need to reduce?

  • What of my existing items do I NEED, USE or LOVE? 

  • What am I keeping just for sentimental reasons? Can I find another way to hold onto the memory without the physical object? (eg - take photo of it)

  • Does this item represent my past life or the future I wish to be a part of in this new place?

  • Can I set a limit on how many items of each category come as a firm boundary to work towards? (eg - books, decorative items, hobbies, craft etc.)

  • If I didn't take this item with me is there another way I could have access to it? (eg - borrowing one from friends/ neighbours, renting it from a hire company, using existing items for dual purposes)

  • Can I get someone in to help me make decisions and keep me on track? (eg - declutter coach, family member or a friend)

  • What do I intend to do with the items I am letting go?

    • Passing to friends/ family members - who/ when?​

    • Selling - by what means?

    • Donating - to which charities?

    • Scrapping/ junk - how will it be moved?


Listen to this episode of the Be Uncluttered Podcast where Bec and I share even more unpacking tips: 



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