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Get someone on your side to help you personally ditch the overwhelm and start truly loving your life again -

all without an icky long-term commitment.

"It's just all too much"

You thought you'd have your life together by now. You have everything you ever dreamed of: a secure job, some gorgeous kids, a nice home but somehow life just isn't quite as enjoyable as you'd imagined it would be.

From the outside looking in, your life looks great - but scratch the surface and there's

a whole lot of chaos going on in there.


The house looks like a bomb site most of the time and you dread people dropping in unannounced. The kids are happy enough but you don't spend as much quality time with them as you probably should. You would love to be a domestic goddess and cook pintrest-worthy whole food meals for the family but honestly who has the time for that?

Did you say exercise? Um, yep...maybe next week.


And don't event mention work. Trying to find a balance between getting a successful career happening post-kids and still being an attentive wife and mother is about as impossible as predicting the ending to Game of Thrones.

You're over it - it's just all too much.

Busy, tired and overwhelmed

is your standard response when someone asks how you are. 

"Am I the only one who feels like I am doing all the things for all the people?" 

You grab a glass of wine, take 5 minutes for yourself and look at social media to escape reality for a bit.

But wait - what's this? You see that everyone else appears to have their life completely together.

How on earth do they manage to do it all? Why am I still struggling while they all have it sorted?


There they are: managing their successful business from the local cafe, parading their beautifully dressed (and clean!) children around the local park, being tagged at a music festival, lounging in their pristine home, posting an image of their post-workout green smoothie, holidaying with the family in Byron, checking-in at the nail salon with a group of girl friends... HOW??

You can't help but compare and despair.

The gap between your expectation of how life should be and the reality feels larger than ever.


Creating and living a life you truly love isn't impossible. 

I promise you!

Sometimes you just need someone to walk alongside you and help you look at your life differently.

You need a partner to work out ways to simplify, eliminate stress and make space and time in your life for what is truly important. You need someone to assist you in saying yes to less: less overwhelm, less toxic people, less clutter and less obligation. You need someone to be accountable to, so you actually follow through this time.


But... I'm already too busy.

I don't have time to attend sessions and implement changes.   


I'm not ready for a long-term commitment to a life coach. 

What if we don't really get along?

Forget what you thought a life-coach was.


I am here, as your strategist, your cheerleader, motivator and accountability partner to objectively look at your situation and really identify what it is that is both holding you back and causing you overwhelm.

With a background in psychology and professional organising, I have made it my mission to become a master simplifier. I understand your frustrations so trust me when I say:

 "Life doesn't actually have to be that darn hard!"

I will work with you 1-on-1 via sessions online to create real personalised solutions to your struggles and get you back to loving your life again.


You don't have time to do this?

These sessions will help create spare time in your life. And they're done online with me so you can do them at work, from home, when the kids are in bed at night or while walking the dog. No travel time required.

So no more excuses!  


Are you done with feeling overwhelmed?

Ready to let go of the frustrations?

Keen to find easier ways to manage?

Is it finally time to reduce the clutter in your mind, home and schedule? 

So then - when was the last time you did something for you?

Something that would positively impact not just your life but the dynamic in your home, the relationship you have with your kids and the happiness of your family?

It is not just okay, but necessary to put yourself first sometimes.

And, together - we've got this sorted! 

Lifestyle coaching inclusions:

Your standard 1hr session fee includes:

1-on-1 intensive virtual coaching session (1 hour)

plus set homework tasks 

plus comprehensive session summary

A weekly check-in email from me with tips and tricks, inspiring articles or general advice

on your current situation for up to 3 months

Access to me via phone, text or email for support between sessions when you hit those hurdles or feel stuck

So are you ready to quit the chaos?

Book your no-obligation 30 minute discovery chat session with me and receive your personalised coaching plan proposal. All for just $55AUD. 

And if you feel we don't gel or you think I'm missing the mark then that's it.

You walk away - no hard feelings. 


Join me now. Start loving your life again and saying

Yes to Less Stress 

Still got more questions?

What others are saying:

Michelle, Canberra

Thank you Bask Life Coaching for helping me get organised. I had been avoiding doing so for quite a while, but after our conversation I knew Tara was the right person to help me. I found Tara professional and understanding and she gave me a gentle push when needed. I found her enthusiasm helped motivate me and keep me focused.

I will be recommending Tara to my friends and family because I know they won't be disappointed.

+61 487 218 864

Canberra - Australia

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