As an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two girls and one small dog, I get the feeling of doing all the things for all the people and having no time or energy left at the end of the day or week for yourself. But when I worked out how simplifying my life made all things not only possible but also enjoyable, I just knew I had to get out there and share it with the world. 


First, and most importantly, I believe most anything is better after a big cup of tea!  

Originally from the gorgeous Barossa Valley in South Australia and after living in various locations interstate and overseas for many years, my family has settled just outside of Canberra. 

I have been helping people achieve their personal and professional goals in various forms throughout my working life with my background in Psychology and Human Resource Management. My flair for being highly organised, super positive and genuinely believing that I can support my fellow woman to really love her life saw me striving for more ways to help. 


So in 2016 my life-coaching business BASK was born and while coaching clients to lose the mental clutter, I found that physical and mental clutter were so closely linked and that sorting one inevitably leads to sorting the other. At that point my business began to diversify into declutter coaching alongside life coaching. In 2018 I started co-hosting a decluttering podcast called Be UNCLUTTERED where the fabulous Rebecca Mezzino and I discuss all things clutter-related!

Beyond this I have found that you, my awesome tribe, are all such capable women and don't just want to have it done for you- you want the knowledge to do it for yourself and one day teach those skills to your kids too. So now the new generation of Bask services will include e-courses for you to learn and own the tools to be the master of your own happiness.  


It's lovely to meet you - now lets have some fun together! TT xx

+61 487 218 864

Canberra - Australia

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